Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Poem/Prose...

Last night I had the opportunity of working with a lovely dancer and performance art friend, Shyamala Moorty, since she has been conducting a class in movement and spoken word with TEADA Productions which I've mentioned here before.

I was inspired to work with some text I've worked with before but also liked a phrase I created when I worked on the challenge set by EmmStarr for her end of Blogtoberfest giveaway and posted here a few days ago. Here is the new poem/prose:

Pioneers of Creativity -


Bring forth your courage
Your expressions of Beauty will
Inspire the World
and shed Light on

It was great to work with my body to create movement for the words and string it all together. It was a small class with two other lovely ladies, one of whom I had worked with in a workshop a few years back. They also produced some really beautiful and powerful work last night. It was so invigorating to be with women creating with words and movement!

The last class will be next week and I will continue to work on this piece at that time, but I like what I managed to create in just an hour and a half. I will have Shyamala make a little video of the work and I might just post it here...maybe!!

Or maybe I will continue to work on it and present it at a later time...stay tuned!

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humel said...

Wow, that sounds really intriguing and fun to do :-)