Monday, November 23, 2009

A Minor Calamity...

So I was working on my trusty overlock machine Saturday afternoon and when switching the threads to another color, it stopped working. The light was still on but when I put my "pedal to the metal", nothing happened, and I mean NOTHING - not a hum, or a splutter or a last gasp of operation!

I had to call information to locate a place I had taken my machine before and wanted to go to again in the hopes I could get a loaner, which this particular repair shop had provided in the past...

my dear trusty overlock machine is being diagnosed for location of disfunction =-(

I got to the shop and explained what happened with my little machine and the guy at the shop thought it could be any number of things that went wrong:
  • it could be the power cord, which I'm hoping for since it's the least expensive option
  • it could be the connection to the pedal, which is the next level of expense for repair
  • it could be the motor, unfortunately the highest level of expense, though not as likely since I didn't smell any smoke during operation
When the guy at the shop mentioned it could be a more than a few days if it turns out to be the motor or the foot pedal, I asked about getting a loaner since I do have much sewing to do, whether it's costumes or holiday gifts. That's when I was told they no longer have loaner machines - OH NO!!!!

I am REALLY hoping it will just be the power cord and the repair will be done in no time and I can have my trusty little overlock machine back by the weekend. In the meantime, I guess I'll have to work on knitting and paper crafts during the repair process...good thing I spread the creativity around!!

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In related news:

After dropping off my dear trusty overlock to the repair shop, my dear boyfriend and I made a trip to IKEA to look into the long dreamed of sewing table. Upon seeing it, I realized it may be longer in length than my current table and may actually mean some serious reconfiguring of the sewing room altogether if I bring this table into my workspace. I had not brought measurements of the current table with me, but my boyfriend made measurement notes so I can take them to the sewing room and begin the work of what will need to happen for this table to make it into the sewing room.

Good thing I've been working on this for the last two weeks, which has not been easy for this 'pack-rat', as Glitterbygrammie commented on my last post - boy, we pack-rats can spot each other a mile away!! Which is why I love how she hides her pack-rat tendencies from her husband! ;)

Here's hoping my overlock machine will be restored to operation and SOON!!

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humel said...

Oh no!! Good luck with that hun.... xx