Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm A Winner! But aren't we all??

It seems that I have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award** by Chrissy at Cul*ti*vate - can you believe it?!!?!

Now that I have been nominated, I am to do the following:

  1. thank the person who nominated me for this award (DONE!)
  2. copy the logo and place it on my blog (this will be the tricky part for my technologically challenged self! it may not show up here for a day or two...)
  3. link to the person who nominated you (also done!)
  4. name 7 things about me that people might find interesting (see below and let me know if they're interesting!)
  5. nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers (easy-peasy!)
  6. post links to the 7 blogs I nominate (done & done!)
  7. leave a comment on each blog letting them know they've been nominated...(also easy)
I can certainly think of 7 Kreativ Bloggers:

  1. Tinniegirl
  2. CurlyPops
  3. I Speak Melsh
  4. EmmStarr
  5. PepperStitches
  6. ChunkyChooky

Now for the 7 interesting things about me...hhmmmm, where to start?

  1. I have an affinity for the snake, probably due to the fact I was born in the Year of the Snake, and it's also one of 3 animal symbols for Scorpio
  2. I LOVE hats and handbags! Shoes, not so much, though a friend recently told me I have pretty cool shoes
  3. I was never a big fan of the color RED*, but I have found myself ever increasingly drawn to it in the last few years - a co-worker stated that I was surrounded by PASSION and I think that may be why I wear it lately =-)
  4. I've jumped off a 40 foot pole into...NOTHING!! Okay, I was strapped and cabled within an inch of my life, wore a helmet and had a team of experts to insure I would not plummet to my death and this was for a crazy work retreat! However, it was a really cool experience and now I want to try the "trapeze school" being held at the Santa Monica Pier!
  5. I love watching little fluffy dogs walk away 'cuz i just LOVE how their little rear ends twitch!! SO CUTE!!
  6. Like Chrissy, I too have a fear of large bodies of water but it's a general fear of the immensity of so much water, so I don't go into the ocean for fear of being swallowed up
  7. I have a secret desire to be a Tornado Chaser!!

I can't believe I've actually won a blog award and I've only been blogging for not quite four months!! Of course, I'm not surprised that Chrissy has won the award and she has also been blogging for a few months, but she took the plunge to BEGIN blogging and that is what REALLY makes her a winner. I'm so proud of her for taking that plunge to begin to blog about her creativity because she is really making the effort to HONOR her creativity and put it out there into the world, which is exactly what all of the nominees I have listed are doing every time they post about their work, their lives and what they are PASSIONATE about.

Which is why I say "aren't we all winners?"

* - the reds i'm drawn to are the dark shades like crimson, but i really, really love burgundy

** - many thanks to Chrissy for giving me some tips on getting the award onto my blog!!! YAY!!


CurlyPops said...

What fabulous facts! Tornado chasing would be a very interesting professions indeed.
Thanks so much for the nomination.

chrissy said...

Ta Da! we are ALL winners! i love it!
you are so sweet. sweet AND brave (also) AND creative. SEE! you DO deserve an award!
i loved reading about you.
tornados? trapeze? snakes? oh my goodness...brave would be absolutely correct!
about the award button. i just right clicked on it and saved it as a photo on my "pictures" file. then i went in to my "edit posts" on blogger and inserted it in as a "photo" in the body of my post. this should work.
if not,
please feel free to email me and we'll figure it out.
thanks also for the kind words. you are soooo nice.
have a great friday tomorrow.

humel said...

Aww, thanks hun :-) I feel very loved this week! x

Love your facts, must think of some of my own now :-)

Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

Thanks so much for passing this award on to me.

I've jumped off the 'leap of faith' too. It was terrifying but awesome. I used to be in charge of high ropes at a camp I worked at in Florida.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.