Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Wise Woman Doll - IV

Hello dear reader!
It's time for the final chapter of the Wise Woman doll...

The Story of the Wise Woman Doll Gift - Part IV

Faith*, the young woman who gave a Wise Woman doll to her mother Miriam would be coming back to see me and bring the "family pillow" for me to refurbish. A few days after Faith and Miriam came to my home I received a letter in the mail and it was written by Faith. Here is what it said:

August 7, 1996

Dear "Creative Beast",

I just wanted to let you know that it was really nice to finally meet you. I couldn't go into detail while my mom was there...but I guess the reason why I wanted to write to you was to thank you for giving me the doll that seemed to fill a place in my heart that was pretty empty at that particular time in my life. The day I bought the doll I was not in the mall to actually buy something. I was passing the time away to get up the guts to see my mom in the hospital. Normally, I'm not hospital-shy or even afraid of death per say, but my mom's condition was heart breaking to me. She has been through so much in her life already - I couldn't believe this had been given to her to deal with as well. Anyway, I strolled the mall and when I walked into 'Uniquities'** the Wise Woman cuaght my eye. I felt it was kind of there to tell me that if any one could handle this situation a strong woman can. Which situation am I speaking of? To this day I don't know. Did I buy the doll to give me strength or to give my mom strength? Anyway, she put it on her hospital bed and the rest is history. Honestly, I think she thought it was a strange gift at first. But as more people commented and the more she sat with it she really grew to have quite a bit of affection for it.

I think it's so ironic that she is the one to have gotten in touch with you first. She was so thrilled when she called and told me she had found you. It was so cute! Anyway, thank you again for putting the doll in that store because I found a huge amount of comfort in it. Every second you put into making it was worth it. All the dolls are great and I'm sure everyone that buys them gets as much pleasure out of them as my mom and I.

I will be getting in touch with you very soon and bringing my pillow to you. Actually it's known as "The Big Pillow". It's been a part of my family forever and it sure does look like it!

Thank you Again

Warm Regards,

here is the actual letter - this is a meaningful memento worth saving =-)

It had finally come. The letter I was told about so many months ago that I thought didn't exist. I was excited to have met each of the women who had been touched by my creation and their presence was enough of a "letter" for me, but the actual letter was such a gift and I treasure it to this day.

It serves as a reminder that my skills and creations DO touch others in ways I'd never believed they could.

Sharing this story with you at this blog helps to reinforce this message for me =-)
Thank you so much for reading my story! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing it.

I have been planning a follow-along project for some friends and I would like to open it up to new readers of my blog. If you're interested, I will be posting details of this project by the end of the week so stay tuned! it will involve making dolls =-)

* - names changed to protect privacy but if the ladies involved in this story happen to be reading this blog I would be happy to hear from you! =-)

** - the name of the store that sold my dolls, long since closed

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Anton White said...

It was such a pleasure to read your story, it really is a heart opener. I had a lady that had given one of my staff one day a lovely message in a card to say thank-you to me. I had helped her out with a birthday present for her daughter. She also had cancer, i never got to meet that wonderful lady, but i remember helping her out over the phone. Stories like yours keep fill my heart with amazing spirit. Thank-you for sharing this with me.