Saturday, October 3, 2009

A little post...

Just a quick post to note some little events of today:

I took another Vocal Dojo lesson today, though I didn't sign-up for the full 8 weeks. I'll be out of town next weekend and I'd planned on taking another book-binding class the following week and I didn't feel right about signing up for a class I'll be missing sessions on but the vocal instructor is very good and I hope he will teach again in the next round of classes offered

I stopped by my local art shop, Carter Sexton, to purchase some replacement markers so I can continue work on some small gift items I've made in the past and I'm recreating again - I may give away one of these little items before the end of the month! Stay tuned...

I did a little knitting on a project I hope to have completed in time for my trip next weekend - I'm really close to finishing!

Now, it's time for some dinner with the boyfriend, who was so sweet to run out and get it while I typed this little post. Hope your Saturday was a good one!

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