Friday, October 2, 2009

i love storytelling...

I LOVE storytelling!

So, naturally, I love StoryCorps and I hear it every Friday on my local public radio station, KCRW.

Today's story was about a young boy who was stealing books from a library but learning to love books and reading as he returned them after reading them. We all know you can check out books from the library but you MUST hear the whole story to find out what was behind the stealing. Listen to it here. I just love how it turns out the young boy is now a judge!

I also love this amazing new site that started as a blog: Storybird. I was told about this site by Jared Matthew Kessler, whom I met about a month ago and he told me about the blog and was sure I would like it - boy, was he was right!

It's a great idea: artists submit their illustrations and artwork to the site and people can use them to write stories of their own. The artwork I've seen is really amazing and some of the artists have etsy accounts so you can buy prints of their wonderful work. The blog recently went into open beta and many people have been creating stories on this site since it opened. This was a test story before the site opened. I really loved the artwork of Irisz Agocs and I was happy to see she has an etsy store so you can bet that I'll be buying an illustration or maybe some of the small notebooks they sell.

I can't end this post without mentioning the grand daddy of storytelling: This American Life

This radio show is so awesome, I can't begin to tell you so please go check them out for yourself! I find it fitting that this weeks episode is about books that change people's lives. It certainly did for the young boy who was stealing books from the library...

Do you have any favorite books that changed your life or got you through a difficult time in your life? Do you have a story from your life that you love sharing with others? I would love to hear about them!

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