Friday, October 9, 2009

Follow-along Craft Project: Joy Doll!

Hello everyone!

The first craft assignment of this blog, should you choose to accept it, will be to create a doll around the theme of "JOY"!

Before I give the details of how this will work (and I hope it works!) here is how the idea came about:

A few months back I attended a concert with my friend Margarita, who I mentioned in my last post as the recipient of the "pill box". She and I REALLY needed something to get us out of our respective funks we had each been experiencing and this concert to see Cafe Tecuba was definitely what we needed!

Everyone was having a great time and I was a little bummed that I had not brought my camera with me because it was so great to see everyone dancing and yelling and singing along. I just wanted to take pictures of all the happiness and joy around me, everyone so happy to be there. All I kept thinking was this:

There is still JOY in the world

The next day, Margarita called to thank me for coming to the concert with her and I thanked her for inviting me to come along! We were each lamenting the lack of joy happening in our lives during that time when it occurred to me how we could find a way to keep the memory of joy with us. Margarita has made beautiful porcelain dolls in the past and I have made rag dolls so I thought we could each make a doll to represent "joy" that we could use as a touchstone to remind us that "There is still JOY in the world".

So now I am inviting you to join in and create your own doll of "JOY"! Here are the guidelines:
  • Your doll may be made of ANY media/material you choose: rag doll, porcelain doll, mixed media/found object doll, recycled doll, paper doll, knitted or crocheted doll
  • It can be a boy, girl, animal, biomorphic shape, or magical creature that you feel best embodies the spirit of "JOY"
  • It may be the size you feel would work best - large to contain all the joy in the world, small to carry with you in your purse/pocket as a daily reminder that "there is still JOY in the world", or any size in-between
  • Let the "spirit of JOY" be anything that feels joyful to YOU: maybe it's music that brings joy, or words, colors, artwork or expression of a feeling

The project begins TODAY! You will have until October 31, 2009 to complete and submit a picture of your finished product. I will be sure to have an e-mail address posted on my blog before that date where you can send pictures. I will choose a winner by November 4, 2009.

I will giveaway a "bag of goodies" - a fun bag filled with things I've made (knitted, collaged and sewn) and possibly yarn or fabric from my stash to inspire creative goodness! I will be MORE than happy to ship ANYWHERE in the world! It will be so fun to walk into the post office and say something like:

"I'll need postage for Bora Bora, please"!

Please leave a comment to let me know you are participating so I have an idea of how many folks I'm hosting for this little party ;)

Just so you know, I will NOT be making a rag doll though I do make a lot of them; I'm going to challenge myself to knit a doll from a pattern I bought last summer that is very cute and, I think, quite fitted for this project

Thanks for joining in the fun!


pepper said...

ooh, im in!

Cathy (tinniegirl) said...

It's a wonderful idea. I'm going to join in.

humel said...

This sounds so fun - I'm not quite sure yet what I'll make (or how I'll find the time!!) but I _love_ the idea, so I'm signing up here to make me feel like I can't back out ;-) Do you get extra credit for living in Bora Bora? (I don't, sadly...)

Bec Clarke said...

Oh I think i may manage this.
See you at the end of the month

anna said...
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Creative Beast said...

YAY! i'm so glad to see there are some artists joining the fun to create a doll =-)

HUMEL: i DID list paper doll for those who feel they may be short on time or feel they are not crafty enough to create a soft toy doll - paper dolls are fun and easy to do =-); as for living in Bora Bora, I would likely give that participant an Honorable Mention, if someone living in Bora Bora joined in the doll making!!

I do hope "Anna" decides to join in the fun!

humel said...

Ah yes, a paper doll would have been much quicker and easier - but then, I do like to overcomplicate things whenever possible! Meet my completed Joyful Mel here (I can email you a pic too when you're ready - but couldn't wait to share!!)