Thursday, October 15, 2009

Boy in the Run-Away Balloon...

I've been wondering what to write about today and there was a story you may have already heard about but I thought I'd share it here anyway...

It's the story of the Boy and the Run-Away Balloon - a 6 year old boy was suspected of being in a hand-built mylar balloon that accidentally got released. The balloon was likely going to be used for weather tracking but wound up on an adventure instead. Here is one source for viewing the entire story on video here.

Something about this story as it unfolded struck me as quite whimsical, though I know it could have been very dangerous if the boy had in fact actually been inside the balloon. Maybe it was the way the balloon was drifting in the sky or maybe it was the way one of many newscasters covering the story said:

"The boy in the run-away balloon..."

It sounded like a children's story book. I'm very glad this story did have a happy ending and the boy was found unharmed.

I wonder how long it will be until someone writes a children's book or a movie about it!

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Tania said...

I heard that story on the radio on Friday while stopped at a traffic light. I had a "Huh?" expression on my face as I looked out the window into the car next to mine. The woman was doing the same thing back at me. I assume we were listening to the same radio station!