Monday, October 19, 2009

Boy in the Run-Away Ballon - Revisited

I am taking a tip from Chunky Chooky's list of things to blog about if you are running out of steam during this Blogtoberfest and decided to do a little rant...

I wrote about the whimsical qualities of the Boy in the Run-Away Balloon last week soon after watching the balloon drift happily to nowhere and then touch down gently back onto terra firma, glad for what I thought was a happy ending...

Unfortunately, it seems the whole thing was a hoax created by the parents as a gimmick to get themselves a reality TV show of their own since being featured on "Wife Swap"
TWICE was not enough fame for them! I think one can safely say that both appearances add up to more than their fair share of 15 minutes of Fame. Wow. Are people so attention starved that they would resort to crazy stunts to get a TV show of their own? It does look that way doesn't it?

Living in Los Angeles, or La La land as many like to call it, I see many folks who are looking for as much attention as they can get, while I am usually just trying to mind my own business and not draw attention to myself. True, I do some performance art here, but performance art is not looked upon very highly in this town, which is really a shame since much of what I see is thoughtful or thought-provoking and it's work created by artists, but 'thoughtful' and 'thought-provoking' are words that are not usually associated with celebrities and being celebrated is what it's all about in this town. Fighting for attention seems to create a lot of insecurity, which of course begets crazy behavior such as that of the Heene family. It's really pretty sad to witness sometimes.

I do wish people would work more toward being authentic instead of being so self-absorbed and self-serving. It makes for a happier, joy filled person if you ask me...maybe the Heene family should create a set of Joy Dolls for themselves and learn how satisfying it is to make something with your own hands. I think it could be a great step toward learning to be authentic!

On that note: I've seen one doll that is finished already! Actually it's two dolls and they are cute as can be - check them out here! And feel free to follow along with this project - it's okay if you haven't left a comment to state you're joining but if you want to win the "bag of goodies" it will help me to know how many participants I can expect by the end date which is October 31, 2009.
Thanks for joining in the fun!

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