Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Wise Woman Doll - III

Hello dear reader!
I hope you are ready to hear another chapter of the wonderful story of some magic that came from a doll I made and was given as a gift...

The Story of the Wise Woman Doll Gift - Part III

The woman at my door was so excited:

"You are the dollmaker who made my Wise Woman doll!"

Instantly I knew - this woman was the "letter" I had been told about but I never saw. The "letter" was standing right before me! Of course I let in her into my humble abode.

Her name was Miriam* and she had received a Wise Woman doll as a gift from her daughter, Faith*, while she was in the hospital dealing with the removal of a breast cancer tumor. Miriam had just loved the doll and kept it with her at the hospital during her stay. Miriam had told Faith she wanted to find me and tell me how much she loved her doll. She knew the neighborhood and thought she would be able to locate me. I'm not sure how she got my address, but I sure was glad she had made the effort to find me!

Miriam was so energetic and so full of life and enthusiasm. She told me that she wanted to bring Faith around for a visit and I agreed.

Within a week, Miriam returned with her daughter Faith, who was very sweet and kind. Faith told me how she had seen the doll in the store window and just felt like it was something she had to give her mother. Faith also thought it was adorable that her mother was so insistent about looking for me. Both women were so happy to have found me to tell me personally how much they loved the doll and Miriam asked for another to give to a friend who was dealing with breast cancer issues at that time. Faith asked if I would consider doing some sewing for her and I was happy to do it. Faith and I set a time for her to stop by again with the "family pillow" so it could be recovered with new fabric, since it had seen better days.

It had been such a great experience to meet someone who had received one of my dolls and to hear the positive impact it had on them. I can't say the Wise Woman doll had 'cured' Miriam's cancer, but it had certainly helped Miriam to feel better about the situation and rally herself to beat it.

A few days before Faith was scheduled to come by my home with the "family pillow" I received a letter in my mailbox, written by her...

to be continued...

One of the brochures I used during the days I was trying to sell my dolls - Wise Woman is at the bottom of the page

* - names changed to protect the privacy of those involved; if any of them should be reading this story, however, please contact me! I would love to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment if you are reading =-)

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You sure know how to draw in an audience. I am completely captivated by this story.

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