Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Wise Woman Doll - II

Last week I wrote about my wonderful Wise Woman and the doll that she inspired. I also began to tell you a story that came out of that...

The Story of the Wise Woman Doll Gift - Part II

I left the shop a little saddened that there was no letter for me telling me that one of my doll creations had actually cured someones cancer.

Could it really be possible it had cured CANCER??

I had a general 'product' tag for all my dolls I was selling at the time but the Wise Woman had a special tag of her own with a special message:

"This doll is inspired by the many women who give unconditional guidance, wisdom and support in time of need"

Maybe someone who received my doll did have cancer, or a serious illness, but felt better when they received the Wise Woman doll as a gift. After all, it's known that the emotional state of the patient is a big factor in getting well and who wouldn't feel better after receiving a doll with a message like that?

One of my creations, my little "Pocket pal" - she is approximately 6" high

6 months later...

I was at home, making more creative goodies and I looked out my front door and noticed a woman wandering in the driveway of my apartment building. She didn't look familiar but I had a strange feeling that she was looking for me. I brushed off that feeling, and went back to my work table.

Five minutes later there was the woman at my door. She said she was looking for me and I told her that I was who she was looking for.

"You are the dollmaker who made my Wise Woman doll!" she exclaimed.

story to be continued...

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Cathy (tinniegirl) said...

I'm loving this story.

I got your email. Will try to respond this week when I have some real time to write.