Monday, September 28, 2009

Craft Project - yoga bag

As I mentioned on Friday, I had a jam-packed day on Saturday with classes in the morning, one of them being a Yoga Flow class. The yoga class was really good and meant to be restorative. I can say it was very restorative because I think I may have blanked out for a few minutes near the end! Okay, to be fair, I had been awake since 5am that morning and unable to get back to sleep - I guess I needed a two minute nap.

I brought my own yoga mat and my newly created yoga bag as well. I had been given a bag by a fellow stretching class student a few years back since she had an extra one. It was very kind of her to give it to me since we met for only two classes...maybe it was the universe's way of providing me with a much needed yoga bag and a way for her to release unneeded goods?

many thanks to the woman who was kind enough to give this to me; a fellow classmate i met only twice!

I bought these fabrics a few weeks ago because I really liked how they looked together, but I originally thought of making an apron from them until I realized it would make a great yoga bag. I used the gifted yoga bag to take the measurements and began to cut.
here are the fabrics before cutting...

i cut the bag shape and i cut the bias and sewed it together to make the handles

I knew the stripe would make great bias trim for an apron and I also knew it would make a great handle/drawstring.
here is the finished yoga bag with bias trim for handles

I cut the length of the bag and added 5 extra inches for a fold-over band to insert grommets that would be used for the drawstring section at the top of the bag, instead of sewing a zipper. This is one way to make a yoga bag if you don't want or like to sew zippers; also, extra long zippers can be hard to find.

I made sure to sew a tab near the bottom of the bag for a grommet to thread the bias through, then took the bias tape up the length of the yoga bag, through the grommets and back down. I threaded the end back into the bottom grommet so both ends would be on the same side...

detail of the bias trim handles that start at the bottom of the bag

both ends of bias trim knotted on one side after it's gone through the grommets at the top

I then knotted the two ends of the bias and it's now an elegant drawstring and handle for the yoga bag.

detail of bias trim as drawstring/handle

This sewing project took a few hours over three nights, even with cutting and sewing the bias together. The grommets took a few hours to assemble since they were going through two layers of canvas made to be used for outdoor upholstery which was somewhat thick. Luckily, I had not added any interfacing or it might have taken longer to hammer those grommets together. Guess I need to work on my upper arm strength!

FYI: the Sound of Music Sing-Along was great fun! I highly recommend going if it comes to a theater near you!

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