Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Book Gift!

I had a low-key Labor Day holiday but was able to spend some quality time with my dear boyfriend. I also hung out with Jane making more props for the fundraiser and again it was great fun... However, what REALLY jump-started my weekend was receiving this great book in the mail:

This fun book came to me from Colleen Wainwright, the writer of Communicatrix who I briefly met a few weeks ago...

I had e-mailed her to let let her know that I liked what she was doing at her website and she responded and asked for my address to send me something she thought I would like - I can tell she checked out my blog because of this wonderful gift!!

It is a fun book filled with creative ideas on refurbishing old shoes and giving them new life. I love the creativity and the recycling of old goods and giving them new life. I also love that this book is filled with stories of the favorite shoes owned and worn by friends of the author. The stories remind me how alike we can be when we find the common threads between us; after all, who among us doesn't have a favorite pair of shoes or a pair that we miss when they finally give up the ghost and can no longer be worn?

I am so excited about this gift since I've been dying to try out refurbishing some sneakers to wear as part of my personal ' creativity uniform' while working in my workroom. Thank you Colleen, for this book, and for sharing yourself with the world and encouraging others to share themselves as well!

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