Monday, September 14, 2009

Amazing Fundraiser!

A few weeks back I posted about helping a Creative Kindred Spirit make some fun props for a fundraiser she was working on, but I did not post pictures at that time because I wanted to have pictures of the props in their environment at the event. The event took place on Sunday and it was fantastic! Here are a few pictures of the props on the Mad Hatter's Tea Party table:
some of the tea cups made by another helper - I love the mix of trims used here!

I made the base for this little cake and love how it was trimmed with the little pom-poms

I made this 'cake' and i made the 'flaming' candle to go on it - one of Jane's helpers added some marabou at the base of the candle; it's a whimsical touch!

another little cake with bead trim, a crazy teapot and a hand-painted chair in the background

a small 'cake' with sequin trim and marabou 'confection' on top; and a 'teacup' with pom-pom trim

It was a wonderful event with lots of tasty foods, great music playing (Nic Harcourt EMceed) and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party was great fun for the kids. My boyfriend enjoyed the wine-tasting and I loved the setting at Saddlerock Ranch - it was really lovely. It was a great Sunday and I can't wait for next year so I can help out with the event again!

Thanks to Jane for inviting me to help out and play in her sewing studio =-)

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ChristinaLaFey said...

Everybody did such beautiful work! I love the whimsical theme!