Friday, September 25, 2009

Action-packed Weekend!

This weekend is shaping up to be an action-packed/fun-filled adventure! On Saturday, I will be participating in some fun and challenging classes being taught by fellow performance artists through TEADA Productions, an organization I have worked with in the past. TEADA has been hosting great classes this summer and they have decided to host an Open House where you have the opportunity to try out the new schedule of classes for FREE! (my favorite 4-letter f-word!)

The day will begin with "Playtime with Kristina" led by Kristina Wong, an amazing and hilarious performance artist and blogger. I have taken many of her workshops in the past and I have no doubt that tomorrow's class will be just as fun as all her others have been...

This class will be followed by a challenging one for me: Vocal Dojo with Antoine Diel. Let me just say that I do not consider myself a singer. Like many folks, I sing in the shower on occasion and I sing in the privacy of my own car, but I am in NO way a trained singer and I do NOT sing in public, so of course, this class will be a HUGE challenge for me but I have been wanting to try out a vocal lesson for a while and tomorrow's open house offer is as good time as any to test the waters - wish me luck!!

After this class I will be taking a yoga lesson, which I think will be a great follow-up to the vocal lesson. I find yoga to be relaxing for me, even if the moves get strenuous but that is probably because I am most at home with body movement...

I wish I could take all the classes being offered on Saturday but the next big event taking place for the evening is attending the "
Sound of Music Sing-Along at the Hollywood Bowl"! (good thing I'm taking a vocal lesson in the morning!!)

silk ribbon emboirdery, with sequins, pearls and floral buttons

This event is held every year and I've always wanted to go and this is the year I'm going! I've heard that many people go in costume and though I am a costumer the most I will be doing is wearing a vintage sweater that I've embellished with embroidery and a hat from my collection that I think will look lovely together.

vintage straw hat with floral "bulbs"

detail of embroidery on sweater back; this makes for a great exit view!

a stylish duo!

On Sunday I will be visiting with Jane who I recently worked with; she is having a fun event she calls "Swap and Brunch"; women bring clothes they no longer wear and you can swap items or the clothes go into the studio stash for the sewing classes Jane teaches to young girls. The girls create some amazing things by embellishing or renovating the clothes from these events.

WHEW! I'm going to need another weekend to recuperate after this one!

Do you have any plans for playtime or challenging yourself this weekend? I'd love to hear about them!

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