Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Night Knitting

I am so happy for today. Not only are there only two days to go before the weekend, but it also means knitting with my buddies...YAY!

I attempted to take a few pictures of ONE of my current knitting projects this morning (yes, I have several in rotation - don't YOU??!?), but they didn't turn out very well so there is no picture today. I will, however, make a list of the knitting projects in rotation:

1) one mitt needing loose ends weaved in; then a pair is complete
2) one hat waiting for me to learn to make a tassel for it; then I can finish the scarf that will go with it using the last of the yarn
3) one hooded poncho in the midst of being 'un-knitted' due to missing a stitch and the whole thing going off the rails from there
4) one red 'chenille' scarf in process - this is the kind that you add stitches so the rows get longer and longer to knit until knitting (or purling) ONE row can take as long as an hour
5) one knit-to-felt yoga bag...

The yoga bag is the one I am taking with me tonight since I fear that I may not have enough yarn to knit the whole bag and still be long enough for felting shrinkage. The original yarn was bought at another yarn shop and it was a limited amount; when I bought it I wasn't sure what I would do with it but recently I was inspired by "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" and the yoga bag they included in their book. In true Creative Beast Style though, I am combining instructions for the knitted/felted bowl from another book, "One Skein", with some of the instructions from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts", only to find I will have to buy some supplemental yarn to insure the bag is long enough to allow for shrinking when I felt it.

I can say that the yarn is deep red (crimson) so picking two other colors for striping will be fun. Stay tuned!

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