Monday, August 24, 2009

Internet Heros & The Cutest Business Card Ever...

As I mentioned in my previous post, last week was quite exciting for me because I got to meet one of my internet heros IN PERSON!

Chris Guillebeau of The Art of Nonconformity was in Los Angeles (where I live) and had a meet-up with folks who follow his blog. Here are just a few of the people I met that night:

Johnathan Mead
Heather Schlegel
Jared Matthew Kessler
Colleen Wainright
Wendal Meldrum who had the most adorable business card I have ever seen:
yes, it's a vintage hankie and it is really keeping with the feel of her website...

It was very exciting to be in the company of others who are artists/unconventional thinkers (it is my opinion that if you are an artist, you are unconventional thinker!) AND exciting to meet an internet hero!

Interestingly, I found the blog of Andrea Scher through Chris's site and from there found the site of Brene Brown; I bought and read Brene's book which was amazing and very empowering. I eventually came to the blog of Kelly Rae Roberts by way of Andrea's site but only after I bought and read Kelly's wonderful book Taking Flight...

Where is this heading you may wonder...hang on, I'm getting there!

I would read about the special retreats they would hold and wish I could afford to go to one of them but then I thought "what if I made up a retreat of my own with some of my talented, funny and creative friends? I certainly wouldn't have to travel so far..."

My next thought was "How does one put together such an event??"

Then something wonderful happened: Kelly Rae announced an art retreat happening in my state of California and (somewhat) within driving distance!

I am now enrolled in the class Kelly Rae Roberts is teaching at "An Artful Journey" and not only will I get to meet another internet hero, but I will have an opportunity to meet yet MORE amazing folks who are creative and unconventional thinkers! I will also have an opportunity to see just what such an event looks and feels like so I can one day have a fun art retreat of my own...

These things simply can not happen if you don't take a chance or take a risk to put yourself out there and reach out every once in awhile. I can tell you it's not always easy - I certainly wondered if I had anything worthwhile to say to Chris Guillebeau but he was kind enough to make time to speak with EVERYONE who showed up and he and I had a nice conversation about Ayn Rand. He was also kind enough to thank everyone who came that night BY NAME on his blog.

That evening I had the opportunity to thank him personally for sharing who he is and what he does on his blog. I thanked him because the more we all share who we are and what we do the more we can encourage others to do the same...

And wouldn't the world be a nicer place if everyone did it?


jared matthew kessler's blog said...

Hey Monica,

Cool stuff. Thanks for doing what you do and mentioning the blog in your post too. Yeppeeee! :)

Great meeting you as well. Here's to the "Creative Beasts" of the world! :)

Creative Beast said...

thanks for stopping by Jared!

Creative Beasts Rule!! =-)